The Ubiquitous Challenge

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the fundamental assumptions we have about business are no longer working.  Whether in government, contractor, or commercial organizations, we are using 19th century organizational models to support a 21st century mission.  We struggle constantly with being too slow, too stovepiped, too rigid.  To remain effective and competitive, we must choose to fundamentally change the way we operate.

But where do we start? There is no path to follow, but there are sign posts to lead the way...

The Eleccion Approach

The winning companies of the future will be the ones who most quickly shed the outdated structures of the past and embrace the post-bureaucratic organization of the future.

Eleccion is leading the way forward. We provide our clients with broad view of the emerging landscape and a tailored approach to creating change within their organization. Our Organizational Experimentation™ approach creates a proactive engine to drive innovation and change into fundamental operating assumptions.

All of our work is driven by our core values... in the work of innovation, values are the compass that guide us forward and tell us when we've lost our way.

This change is coming, quickly and inevitably.  There will be winners and losers.  Which will you be?