Eleccion Announces Partnership with Brightidea

HERNDON, Va, Feb. 4, 2020 —   Eleccion has partnered with Brightidea to expand their market leading innovation software to the federal and public sector market.  By leveraging the Brightidea Innovation Cloud™ alongside its Organization Experimentation™ (OrgX) methodology, Eleccion will enable decision-makers within the federal government to adopt a more rigorous approach to innovation management and technology adoption — which would include fostering an innovative culture to incubate big ideas and manage wide-spread change improvement. Combining Brightidea’s transformational platform for innovation with their years of experience in the public sector, Eleccion can further offer clients a tailored, reliable, and repeatable approach to sourcing and implementing their biggest ideas.

“We are committed to providing our clients the best tools that will propel innovation and fundamentally change the way we all operate,” said Deanna Doan, co-founder and enabling partner of Eleccion.  “We believe that Brightidea and their innovation SaaS product suite, is the perfect partner to make this happen.”

Building on 20 years of providing innovation solutions to clients such as Merck, AXA, Nielsen, Cisco, Dell, and GE — Brightidea will work closely with Eleccion to deliver cloud solutions to the federal and adjacent markets. Innovation initiatives, such as idea crowdsourcing, design thinking labs, innovation labs, and hackathons, will be at the forefront of driving meaningful change. By joining with Eleccion, Brightidea will have a North American partner to effectively implement the innovation initiatives with clients who are eager to push the boundaries of diverse ideation and collaboration across their organizations.

“Our goal is to help organizations create successful innovation programs because we believe, innovation is too important to be left to chance”, says Matt Greeley, Brightidea CEO. “We’re excited to have Eleccion as a partner. Together, we believe our teams can help you achieve your innovation goals with our robust and flexible platform complemented by decades of experience having worked with leading organizations and innovation experts around the world.”

About Eleccion
Eleccion (ELX) is a next-generation management consulting firm providing advisory services to government, commercial, and non-profit organizations committed to making fundamental change improvement. Based in Herndon, Virginia, Eleccion focuses on organizational modeling, technology adoption, and innovation management within the federal government and strategic industry partnerships.  For more information on ELX, please visit eleccionllc.com.  

About Brightidea
Brightidea’s mission is to provide every company with a better way to innovate. Brightidea believes the old model of corporate labs and R&D-centric innovation is outdated and too inefficient to keep up with the rate of technological progress in the 21st century. Through crowdsourcing via the Brightidea Innovation Cloud, companies can maximize the creative capacity of their employees and dramatically improve their return on innovation investments. Based in San Francisco, Brightidea has worked with over 300 leading corporate innovators, including world-class brands like Adobe, Bayer, Shell, General Electric, MasterCard, SAP, HPE, Bechtel, United Airlines, GM and many others. For more information about Brightidea, visit brightidea.com