Hacking Management: Join the Movement

So…what is management? How does one manage? What does one manage? Time? Programs? Budgets? People? Wait…do we really manage people?

Let’s look at the definition – ‘the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.’

Would you be surprised to learn the archaic definition is trickery; deceit ?

Is this what we want as humans? To be controlled? Tricked into performing menial tasks for a perceived reward that may not even provide true fulfillment?

There’s a new reference term – human capital…hmmm. Should we think of each other as capital? Is it somehow deemed better than human resources? It sounds nice – to be thought of as an asset. But, I believe it’s more semantics than substance. Window dressing.

You see…we share a different perspective. Humans…people should be inspired. They should be free thinkers, open to the possibilities of where their dreams may lead them, where their talents can take them, and ultimately where their expectations can be met, perhaps even exceeded.

Yes…you should manage things: programs and budgets, assembly lines and machines. People…people should be enabled – empowered to reach as far and perform as well as they are capable with the proper foundation, framework, and guidance. It is thru this approach that we are building Eleccion, (pronounced Eee· lec· see· on) …meaning choice; election.

We are joining a movement of management hackers and evangelists for change with the unyielding belief that we can all do better. We choose to take a different path…away from the conventional approach to organizational design of top down, hierarchal management. We are flipping that model on its head, even disrupting it completely where possible.

Eleccion, organized and operated by our partners [employees], will be enabled to create and choose how we go about our work. We will choose ways in which we can contribute to communities and clients. An organization where teams self-form because there are no prohibited swim lanes. Projects can be managed by any stakeholder because we’re all stakeholders. Leaders emerge based on what, how, and how often you contribute – not relying on an archaic, politicized system of meeting a supervisor’s measure of promotion…a true meritocracy.

We choose to be bold and unconventional – truly innovative and deliver a better product, a better service, a better workplace. A place that doesn’t feel like work at all, but a creative community of contributors. Our clients will benefit…learn…and grow with us.

You have a choice. Will you choose to join us?


Craig Ridley is an enabling partner and co-founder of Eleccion, a next-generation management consulting firm providing advisory services to government and commercial organizations committed to making fundamental change improvement.