Supercharge Your Mission: Harnessing the Brainpower of Neurodiversity

“It’s not that we need to form new organizations. It’s simply that we have to awaken to new ways of thinking. It is time to create the new models that have in them the complexity that makes the older systems obsolete.”

Don Edward Beck

Competition for talent is only getting more difficult, particularly in the DC Metro Area. With Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and others expanding in Northern Virginia, all organizations must do more than business as usual to attract and retain the best talent for the mission. And the best talent for tomorrow’s mission doesn’t look exactly like the talent for yesterday’s mission. In fact, today’s challenges require new, radical, and divergent ways of thinking. And study after study demonstrates the best solutions come from teams with individuals that see the world in different ways. This neurodiverse workplace has a mix of individuals whose unique strengths and talents can collectively improve performance outcomes through the practice of Neurodiversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (nDEIA).

For more than 10 years, companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and EY have developed targeted initiatives to attract neurodivergent talent to enhance organizational diversity. These programs are specifically designed to address challenges in the hiring process, support strengths-based performance, and foster inclusion. Inclusion means more than diversity – it means creating an equitable environment where every employee has what they need to best contribute to an ever-evolving mission. Our workforce has come to expect this: 2017 Deloitte research found that 80% of respondents said evidence of inclusion is important when choosing an employer, and 39% said they would leave for a more inclusive employer.

Can your talent development lifecycle attract and retain neurodivergent people? Is your cultural infrastructure ready to handle talent with higher expectations for inclusion and accessibility?

Envisioning and designing an organization that can attract and retain such talent is a complex endeavor. Organizational Experimentation™ (OrgX) offers a robust, proactive, iterative structure for implementing fundamental organizational change. Persistent and exploratory in nature, it allows for constant insertion of new ideas, rapid innovation, and intentional scaling to the enterprise. The emphasis shifts from implementing a singular “right answer” to developing an organization that continually evolves and gets out of its own way to solve challenges at speed and at scale. The OrgX framework is a proven model for transformation that can be applied to assessment, recruitment, team building, and broader nDEIA goals for a neurodiverse workforce that meets mission needs.

We cannot continue to employ the same talent development methods within the same cultural infrastructure and expect different results. Simply put…new ways of thinking are required to attract new ways of thinking about new challenges. The mission demands it – it’s time to #SuperchargeYourMission. Download our latest whitepaper on Neurodiversity.