We are excited to announce our new partnership with Rowan Tree, a women-focused coworking and cogrowth community in Herndon, VA. As part of our partnership, Eleccion will help cultivate the Rowan Tree community by bringing ideation, creation, and growth programming to its members.

We see this as an organic partnership and shared vision for creating 21st century models of work – where contributors can bring diverse perspectives to an inclusive, collaborative environment. With a focus on women, the Rowan Tree community (pollinated by Eleccion’s leadership and professional development programming), will harness the traditionally feminine strengths that are becoming essential to successful organizations. By empowering and enabling women’s professional success, our organizations become more effective, more resilient, more successful. We move from independent functions to integrated ones…from managing people to nurturing people…from competition to cooperation. The numbers prove it – the Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentages of women directors on their boards report a 42 percent greater return on sales and a 53 percent higher return on equity than the rest.

Creating more balanced models of work is not only good for organizations – it’s good for women. Rowan Tree’s focus on creating a place of wellness, creativity, and connection speaks directly to the gaps that many of us find in our current work environments. We look forward to growing our own corporate culture at Rowan Tree to include wellness and balance as core elements of our professional environment.

Rowan Tree is currently pre-selling memberships and plans to open their flagship location in Herndon this Fall. Come join us and be part of the future of work!

About Eleccion
Eleccion, LLC (ELX) is a next-generation management consulting firm providing advisory services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations committed to fundamental change. As an emerging, women-owned small business, we are not tied to the old models of business, we look and move forward…and in the process, we are joining the movement to lead the way to growth. We choose to change.

About Rowan Tree
Rowan Tree is a women-focused coworking and cogrowth community committed to help women bloom in a constructive, creative, fun, and gratifying space. Come nourish your work, your mind, and your body while helping others do the same.