Wanted: Co-creators

One of our fundamental ELX values is the belief that we do not hold all the answers.  As we wade into the uncertain waters of inventing the future, we recognize that answers will come iteratively, from unexpected corners, and as a result of wide-ranging conversations and perspectives.

We have observed this dynamic firsthand over the past few months.  Our thoughts on compensation, performance management, network organizations, open source structures, and agile proposal development have all matured and evolved as we have tested and iterated our ideas through conversations, experiments, and chance encounters.  Which is as it should be – we are not building this company to live out our individual visions, but to create a dynamic, evolutionary environment that allows all of us to do what we do better – whatever that might be.

As we move in to 2018, we invite you to join the conversation.  In the coming weeks, we will have opportunities to engage with several topics at the heart of the emerging work conversation. We will do that in a variety of forums, both formal and informal, but there are three specific opportunities we invite you to consider:

  • Idea Exchange (IDX) Lunch. Join us for an informal conversation on an intriguing or emerging  topic of shared interest.  IDX lunches create connections between like-minded individuals and spur thought, without focusing on specific outcomes.  Upcoming topics of interest include: 21st Century Leadership, Meritocracy vs. Holacracy, and Innovative Hiring Practices
  • Collaborative Design (LabX) Session.  Join an interactive, collaborative session to design novel approaches to a shared challenge.  These are facilitated sessions leveraging cross-domain thinking to create new approaches to perennial challenges.  The intent is to walk out with some tangible ideas that can generate experiments and produce prototypes.  Upcoming topics of interest include: Agile Proposal Management and Transparent Compensation Models
  • Join our team!  In the coming months we will be looking for the first ELX hires.  If you’re frustrated with the status quo AND you’re the kind of person who wants to change the world, we want to talk to you.  We are looking for action-oriented change agents, creative thinkers, futurists, self-starters, collaborators, and leaders who can shape the future of business.  While specific roles may vary, we will need a cross-section of skills in emerging technologies, data science/analytics, communications, HR, social science, and/or government acquisition. More on this to come…

Interested? Sounds like fun? Think you can help? Let us know! We’re looking forward to doing great things together in 2018. Happy New Year!  #TimeToChoose